Sunday, September 29, 2013

What's The Point?

1. The solutions I came up with involved fish hooks, needles, outer space, Eiffel tower, thumb tacks, and more. 2.The solution I chose was needles, but obviously it would have been a bit boring with just needles laying around, so I decided to draw up a skull with needles pointing out of the head. I chose it because I thought it was a weird, interesting idea. I should have put more work and thought into it, though. 3.I did dark and light shading. 4. I chose pencil because I mess up easily, and pen wouldn't have looked as good. I'm also more familiar with using pencil. 5. I used straight and slanted lines. 6. I didn't really take risks. I guess drawing the skull was a risk since I'm normally bad at drawing those. 7. It's needles pointing out of a person's skulls. I guess you have to use your imagination to think of what it might mean.